Banana Trip

So, after a long stint of nothing (didn’t even realise I had created a blog in 2012) I’m going to try and get back on-board with the whole online life thing. Not quite sure what direction this will follow, I guess it’s a bit of a ‘watch this space’at the moment.

Anyway, thought I’d get stuck straight in by asking if anyone else is plagued by sudden and total trip-outs about reality?? I just went to the shops to buy a few groceries and as I was standing there trying to pick out some bananas I had this sudden intense feeling of ‘wow wtf.’ I was looking at this banana, at it’s tough, bright-yellow skin and thinking how extraordinary it really was. And suddenly it just seemed so strange. What are you doing here little banana? In this hard, bright, supermarket full of families doing their weekend shopping? You should be hanging off a tree somewhere tropical. There was no ethical or moral judgement, although plenty can be made, just a sudden and total awareness of the strangeness of the situation. I guess we get so use to the mundane that you forget how weird the way we live really is. And then it hits you, standing in the middle of a supermarket, and all the things you barely register in your mind because you’ve been seeing them all your life become extremely vivid and strange. I guess the feeling I’m trying to explain is surreal. Just wondering if anyone else gets sudden inexplicable bouts of surrealism?



Photo courtesy of Roadtrip 2013 around Australia. Taken in Carnarvon, W.A., the home of WA’s booming banana bonanza…. catch a taste of the great life… 


Author: jscamilleri

I write fantasy, graphic novels, and young adult fiction.

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